About PartnerPlast

TeaworkPartnerPlast AS is a leading specialist in design, construction and rotational casting of plastic. We manufacture a wide range of products within our four product segments; Seismic, Offshore & Subsea, Industry and Leisure. We have customers all over the world.

The history of PartnerPlast AS goes back to 1946. The first buoyancy products were delivered to the offshore industry in 1979, whereas the development of subsea products began at the end of the 1990s. These products have been developed and sold through our subsidiary, Marine Subsea Group since 2000.

In order to focus more strongly on offering our customers a specialised and wide range of goods, Marine Subsea Group was merged with PartnerPlast AS in 2009 as an independent product segment named Offshore & Subsea. We have customers all over the world who require optimal suppliers. We strive to offer high quality design and technology that is capable of meeting the requirements that are essential in order to be a leader in a competitive situation.

PartnerPlast Øran Vest Fasade
Right from the beginning, our experience and know how have provided security for our customers and development has essentially taken place in collaboration with our customers and partners. In addition to delivering standard products, we undertake to manufacture products that meet the specifications and requirements some customers expect in order to provide the maximum effect.

In addition to the fact that our products are manufactured by a professional environment at Åndalsnes, several of our key suppliers are also located nearby. This unique situation has made possible the high delivery reliability PartnerPlast AS enjoys and which we continuously strive to maintain.