Molstad Modell & Form is a company in the PartnerPlast Group, focusing on production of moulds for rotational moulding and thermosetting plastics, and making of moulds and patterns for metal casting. We are also a dedicated producer of high performance polyurethane elastomer parts.

We are a modern casting tool- and pattern maker with long traditions. We combine good craftsmanship with the very best of the new technology available within 3D-modeling programs and NC-milling machines. We are a centre of competence within the fields of Reverse Engineering, 3D-modeling, moulding and machining services focusing on moulds, patterns and prototypes. We also handle Additive manufacturing and PU casting. 

Together with our partners, we can deliver castings, machined and surface-treated parts in plastic, aluminium, nickel aluminium bronze, iron and steel. We provide a turn-key solutions fulfilling your requirements.

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